Awesome Coffee & Jam

We've been so busy that its been a while since we updated our progress on this blog - "that's no excuse" we hear you say.. "we want to hear what's happening with Wikihouse in New Zealand."

WikiHouse NZ prototype framework going up at the Fab Lab in Massey University, Wellington.

WikiHouse NZ prototype framework going up at the Fab Lab in Massey University, Wellington.

Well lots actually! To find out, come and join us at Coffee & Jam hosted by the Ministry of Awesome team in the EPIC building on Manchester St tomorrow (Tuesday June 18) at 12:30pm before we head off again to Wellington FabLab on Wednesday to smuggle our baby home to Christchurch in the Makercrate.

And if you haven't had a chance to check out the compelling case for open source architecture 'for the people by the people' take the time to look at WikiHouse co-founder Alastair Parvin's recently released TED talk here

Space Craft Systems & WikiHouse NZ:

We're an imaginative Christchurch-based enterprise working on a better means to build small to medium sized buildings; stronger, safer and healthier; affordable, versatile and sustainable. We’re working on how  we can help our communities to live and work in world-class 21st century built environments; not just because we urgently need to address significant issues in our built environment across New Zealand, but also because we want to see something that goes beyond sustainability and starts the process of a much deeper regeneration and restoration. We're working on tructures that you can assemble, with a few friends, in days - not weeks or months. Buildings that are warm in winter, cool in summer; that don't cost you money to run but actually generate income. Low mass structures that sit lightly on the land (ideal for TC3 solutions) and designed to take earthquakes and storms in their stride...

o deliver on these promises we're developing a digitally manufactured construction set together with a range of supporting design, planning and building services to produce a system which represents a significant move forward in the way we develop our built environment - harnessing new means of collaboration alongside an open approach to rapid and effective development. It's a set of tools to address the many challenges faced by our communities at this time. A social enterprise which has stepped up to meet some of the most pressing issues of our times...
Check back here at intervals to see the project unfold and keep up with the latest news.