Milestone Excitement

A huge milestone achieved during the week gone is the completion of the 3D modelling for all the brand-new structural components going into the latest WikiHouse. Those who have been following us for a while will know that we created a concept prototype frame some time back based around a sub-consent studio.

The ones cut for that were mostly evolutionary in nature, but these new components are completely new approaches to solving the same issues, or in some cases offer quite different functionality. Getting all those new components into 3D models means the gateway to cutting and testing the physical pieces is now opened for us, and we move from a largely design phase into the testing phase that provides the analytical data required to ensure the structure is strong and safe.

Website changes

You might have noticed that our website is changing to reflect our progress, so take a look around and come back often to watch as we update the information on the milestones towards the production of the BackYarder.
Among new material arriving in the BackYarder progress section is a video of the latest beam cutting. Other things are to come. 

The first cut is the deepest...

We have now done our first cutting of life-size house pieces for over two years, and the first full-size cutting we’ve ever done in Christchurch. The previous prototype was all cut in Wellington for an exhibition called Makertorium and then shipped down to Christchurch. What we’ve cut is just enough to create a test segment of our main beam but nonetheless an important part of the progress required towards the BackYarder. With the learnings from that exercise we move on to cutting and testing a large beam so we know that what we’re designing is safe to live in.

WikiHouse now growing locally

In the last few months we’ve been busily developing the design of our first habitable WikiHouse. Many will have seen the prototype frame produced some time ago which was the precursor to the model we are soon to show the world.

We are now a team of some 20 volunteers collaborating feverishly on a design called the BackYarder which we plan to unveil later in the year. The house itself will be something quite radical compared to the market norms and we expect huge interest in the finished product.